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Welcome to

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Gino's Pizza & Pasta Restaurant,

4 Claremont Road,



Welcome to Gino's

Probably the best Italian Restaurant in East Sussex Gino's, is already proving that when it comes to opening and running a Restaurant there is no substitute for a family-run business with quality food and excellent service.


Company History

Gino's Restaurant in Seaford, which was opened by Gino Salvatore and Susan Lison in 1991, is renowned for its great food, excellent service and friendly staff. It is an established Restaurant favourite among a cross-spectrum Seaford and East Sussex diners, from students to professionals to families. This is why we believe that with the right ingredients, a quality family restaurant, friendly staff and delicious, fresh Italian food, you will enjoy the great Italian dining experience at Gino's.



Tues-Sat 5:00pm. - 10:30pm.

Sun-Mon - Closed